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Maker of Performance UV Resins for 3D printing and Platinum Silicone
Crafting superior products for your projects

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Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Siraya Tech Engineering resin

The best 3D printing resin choice for engineering applications!

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Siraya Tech Product Types

Siraya Tech includes 3D UV resin, silicone, NFEP film, and Filament.

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ABS-Like Resin - FastSiraya Tech Fast ABS-Like resin
Sale priceFrom $33.99 USD
ABS-Like Resin - Fast In stock, 2073 units
Save $36.01
Castable resin - CastCastable resin - Cast
Sale priceFrom $42.99 USD Regular price$79.00 USD
Castable resin - Cast In stock, 278 units
Craft Creative ResinCraft Creative Resin
Sale priceFrom $39.99 USD
Craft Creative Resin In stock, 143 units
Save $139.01
Drillable Precision Printing Resin - BuildDrillable Precision Printing Resin - Build
Sale priceFrom $35.99 USD Regular price$175.00 USD
Drillable Precision Printing Resin - Build In stock, 391 units
Fibreheart ABS-GF FilamentFibreheart ABS-GF Filament
Sale price$34.99 USD
Fibreheart ABS-GF Filament Sold out
Flex TPU - 85A FilamentFlex TPU - 85A Filament
Sale price$39.00 USD
Flex TPU - 85A Filament Sold out
Siraya Tech Tenacious -Flexible ResinFlexible Resin - Tenacious
Sale priceFrom $35.99 USD
Flexible Resin - Tenacious In stock, 510 units
Save $25.01
Siraya Tech Form Resin for SLASiraya Tech Form Resin for SLA
Sale priceFrom $39.99 USD Regular price$65.00 USD
For SLA Printers - Form Resin Only 5 units left
High Temperature Resistant Resin - SculptHigh Temperature Resistant Resin - Sculpt
Sale priceFrom $35.99 USD
High Temperature Resistant Resin - Sculpt In stock, 313 units
Sale priceFrom $19.90 USD
NFEP FILM (2Pcs) In stock, 91 units
Siraya Tech Easy - Plant-Based Eco-Friendly ResinSiraya Tech Easy - Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Resin
Sale priceFrom $29.99 USD
Plant-Based Eco-Friendly - Easy Resin In stock, 56 units
Save $7.00
Siraya Tech Silicone - Defiant 15Siraya Tech Silicone - Defiant 15
Sale price$29.99 USD Regular price$36.99 USD
Platinum Silicone - Defiant 15 In stock, 26 units
Save $7.00
Siraya Tech Silicone - Defiant 25Siraya Tech Silicone - Defiant 25
Sale priceFrom $29.99 USD Regular price$36.99 USD
Platinum Silicone - Defiant 25 In stock, 78 units
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