Tenacious (AU) (1KG) by Siraya Tech

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*This version Tenacious is for Australian Market only

Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print Tenacious at temperature 25C or above.” 

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Are you looking for a resin that has great flexibility, strong with impact resistance? Then this is the resin for you. A thin object printed in Tenacious can be bent 180 degrees without shattering while thicker object shows great strength and resilience. The transparent light yellow color makes it easy to check for the internal structure of a print and easy to dye.  Tenacious can be printed on LCD and DLP printers and works great either by itself or mixed with other 405nm UV resin.  This resin is best when used with high-quality FEP film based vat. 

Comes in 1 bottle

Mechanical Properties

Elongation At Break: 75%

Tensile Strength 24 mPa

Shore D 65

Young’s Modulus 500mPa