Sculpt (Grey) (1kg) (CA) by Siraya Tech

Sculpt (Grey) (1kg) (CA) by Siraya Tech

通常価格 $49.95 セールスプライス $45.99

*This Sculpt (Grey) (1kg) by Siraya Tech is for the Candian market only

Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print Sculpt at temperature 25C or above. 

While we recommend printing at temperature 25C or above, a heater is not required.

Please shake the resin bottle thoroughly before opening it and make sure to refer to the user guide for more detail. 

*Prices are in USD

Are you looking for that ideal resin with a smooth injection mold-like look and beautiful color for your latest model design? Introducing Sculpt, the premium resin for model makers in 

with special high-temperature resistance formula

✔Smooth Surface Finishes
✔High Resolution
✔High-Temperature Resistance. HDT around 160C, great for vulcanized rubber molding
✔Easy to See Thru Clear Translucent. It is not colorless with a light yellow color.
✔Easy to Clean and sand
✔Optimized for LCD/DLP printing, works on Moonray Printer.
✔Great for printing tabletop minis, digital sculptures or application that requires high-temperature resistance
✔8K Compatible