Form (Grey) (1kg) by Siraya Tech

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* This resin is designed for laser printers. Please do not purchase if you have LCD, MSLA or low power DLP printer. (Anything with a panel would not work well)

Due to the high percentage of polymer, it is recommended to print Sculpt at a temperature of 25C or above. 

*Prices are in USD

Are you tired of using overpriced OEM resin or difficult to use 3rd party resin on your Formlabs printers? Siraya Tech is here to change all that.

Form is an affordable general model resin for laser SLA resin printers like Formlabs and Peopoly Moai. It is formulated to work with both PDMS and FEP vat commonly found on laser printers. The Form offers great resolution and surface finish while it is easy to print using the suggested setting. 

  • On Formlabs printers, please select Grey V3 / V4 for Form - Grey. On Peopoly Moai, please set laser power to 58. 
  • Due to its high polymer formulation, Form is accurate with great precision. 

Like Siraya Tech resins, Form is also VOC free and can be easily post-processed. Please join our large community of 3D printing resin users from around to enjoy great results and learn new knowledge while saving material costs.