Harnessing the Power of Resin 3D Printing: A Deep Dive into Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin and ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer
The world of 3D printing has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, and the advent of resin 3D printing has ushered in a new era of precision and versatility. Two standout products in this field are the ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer and Siraya Tech's Tenacious Flexible Resin. In this blog, we'll delve into the key features of these remarkable products and provide tips on achieving optimal print settings on the ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer using the Tenacious Resin.


## ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer: Taking Precision to New Heights

The ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer is a groundbreaking product that leverages the power of Texas Instruments' DLP technology to deliver unparalleled printing precision. This printer employs a 2K projector with 2560 x 1440 voxels and an XY resolution of 52 microns. The printing speed can reach 70mm/H, and the dimensional accuracy is ±0.05mm.
The DLP technology in this printer uses a digital light projector to project the entire layer image to the bottom of the resin tank. The result? A printer that delivers greater print accuracy than LCD 3D printers with the same resolution.

But that's not all. The ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer's other notable features include a 20000+ hours service life, ultra-low operating power, ultra-quiet printing, and a built-in air purifier for a purified printing environment. The printer also comes with a smart Voxeldance Tango Slicer and has a printing size of 132.8x74.7x150mm/5.22x2.94x5.9in.

## Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin: Robust and Flexible

Siraya Tech's Tenacious Flexible Resin is renowned for its impressive flexibility and resilience. It boasts the highest impact resistance among Siraya Tech resins and is an essential choice for robust and tough 3D prints, View here.
Download Tenacious' print setup on Elegoo Mars 4 DLP here, Print setting.

Check out TDS and MSDS for more detailed measurement data on Tenacious resins.

Experience the power of flexibility and resilience with Tenacious Flexible resin by Siraya Tech. With the highest impact resistance among Siraya Tech resins, Tenacious combines good flexibility with excellent durability, making it an essential choice for robust and tough 3D prints.

Performance: Printed models with Tenacious resin exhibit exceptional strength and can withstand accidental drops without shattering. Whether it's a thin object that can be bent 180 degrees or a thicker structure that showcases great resilience, Tenacious delivers outstanding performance.

DYE: The transparent light yellow color of Tenacious resin offers the advantage of easy internal structure inspection and drying capability, allowing for enhanced customization options.

Mix: Not only does Tenacious excel on its own, but it also serves as an exceptional additive. When mixed with other resins, it significantly enhances toughness and durability, reducing fragility and elevating the overall strength of the printed model.

Applications: The wide range of applications for Tenacious resin includes miniature models, braces, O-rings, washers, tabletop games, mini-game models, swords, and more. Its high toughness and flexibility provide excellent drop resistance and increased flexibility for various projects.

Printing with Tenacious resin is a breeze. It offers superior printability compared to other flexible resins, ensuring ease of use and reducing printing challenges. It is recommended to print at 25°C or higher for optimal results.

In conclusion, the combination of the ELEGOO Mars 4 DLP Printer and Siraya Tech Tenacious Flexible Resin offers a powerful solution for those seeking precision, durability, and flexibility in their 3D printing endeavors. As always, ensure to follow safety guidelines and manufacturer instructions for the best results.

Please note that it's crucial to perform a test print when using a new resin or printer and adjust settings accordingly. Happy printing!

*Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on the data available as of the time of writing and may be subject to change. Always refer to the manufacturer's official resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.*

*Printer pictures from Elegoo.
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