Siraya Tech NFEP FILM (2Pcs)

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Siraya Tech NFEP Film - A4 Size (210 X 297mm) Better Durability Fewer Layer Lines Accurate Print Results Great for Resin Printing Better Performance Over FEP for LCD DLP 3D Printers

  • Higher Print Success - Siraya Tech NFEP Film is an upgraded version of FEP film. It is made of stronger materials and can create more accurate and smooth prints. It greatly improves the success rate of printing. Siraya Tech NFEP Film is very suitable for resin printing and has better performance than FEP film.
  • Better Durability - Siraya Tech NFEP Film allows users to print out high-quality 3D models multiple times without changing the film frequently. Siraya Tech NFEP Film is more durable and long-lasting than traditional FEP film.
  • Fewer Layer Lines - Siraya Tech NFEP Film has a higher-quality surface than FEP film, so that the generated print model does not have too many serious layer lines, and more high-quality models can be printed.
  • Accurate Print Results - Siraya Tech's high-quality NFEP film was originally developed for laser SLA printers and large-format MSLA. Its peeling performance is better than standard FEP film, and more accurate printing results can be obtained.
  • Faster Print Speed - Siraya Tech NFEP Film is faster than ordinary FEP film printing models because our NFEP Film has ultra-high ultraviolet light transmittance, which can allow an appropriate amount of ultraviolet curing.