Siraya Tech Fibreheart ASA-GF Filament

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  • SUPERIOR WEATHER & UV RESISTANCE: Outperforms ABS-GF in outdoor durability, maintaining color and physical properties in harsh weather conditions. Enhanced UV protection resists aging and discoloration, ensuring lasting quality for outdoor applications.
  • HIGH STRENGTH & IMPACT RESISTANCE: Reinforced with 10% chopped glass fiber for increased strength, stiffness, and impact resistance compared to standard ASA. Ideal for demanding applications requiring durability, especially in high-temperature environments.
  • EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL STABILITY: Higher thermal stability than ABS-GF, with a glass transition temperature of 106¡ãC and HDT of 92-97¡ãC (1.8-0.45 MPa). Withstands high-temperature industrial applications requiring heat resistance.
  • DIMENSIONAL STABILITY & WARPING RESISTANCE: Enhanced warping resistance ensures superior dimensional stability and minimal warping during printing, making it easier to achieve precise, consistent results.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR FDM 3D PRINTING: Print with ease using recommended settings - Nozzle: 250-270¡ãC, Bed: 100-110¡ãC (glass, PEI, or PC film), Enclosure: 60-80¡ãC. Retraction: 1-5mm at 1800-3600mm/min. Dry filament at 70-80¡ãC for 4-6 hours after long-term storage.

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