ABS-like resin

Looking for an affordable resin that is fast to print, fast to clean/cure and not brittle? Then look no further than Fast resin by Siraya Tech. This resin is ideal for printing beautiful designs like miniatures and props.

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Easy-to-wash resin

Tired of smelling high concentration alcohol? Simplify your printing process with the Simple resin from Siraya Tech. Simple to clean with 15% alcohol, works great for large format printer, simple to print, and clean.

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Engineering resin

Introducing Engineering Resins by Siraya Tech, Siraya Tech's engineering resins include Rigid Resin-Blu, Flexible Resin-Tenacious, High Temperature Resin-Sculpt and Precision Resin Build. Get your own Engineering design resin.

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Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated chemists with many years of experience developing and manufacturing UV resins.

Always Expanding

We currently offer our products in the US and Europe, but are always looking to expand to more markets.

Ready To Help

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? We're always ready to help so feel free to to send us a message anytime.


Siraya Resins have become my go to resins for my business. The fact that it works with my LED and SLA printer streamlines my productivity and costs.


Using this resin with an Elegoo Mars with amazing results. Strength. Durability. Transparent Blue. This is it folks.


This new resin is probably the best tough resin I’ve used so far in my 4 years of resin printing. It’s super fast, tough, not brittle and not smelly