Order & Shipping

Don’t worry, please feel free to contact support@siraya.tech to get a reissue or compensation.

Please provide us with the following photos when contacting us, and we will submit them as evidence:

1. A shipping label showing the shipping number on the box.
2. There is a barcode with the resin name on the top/bottom of the box (used by the warehouse to scan and identify the product)
3. The label of the brand on the bottle, you can see the name of the resin.

Sorry to hear you have resin leakage issues.

If you receive the package and the resin leaks, please get in touch with support@siraya.tech and please attach the following inspection.

1. Is the bottle or cap broken?
2. Is the safety plug (to prevent leakage) under the cover still there and intact?
3. Attach clear photos to Siraya Tech support.

Siraya Tech's store has enabled the shipping cost budget function. You can calculate your shipping costs according to the following steps.

1. Add your product to the shopping cart (make sure to select the product for the corresponding country/region).

2. Then, find 'Estimate shipping' on the 'resin product' or 'cart' page.

3. Select your country and enter the corresponding (province) postal code, and click 'Estimate'

Please contact support@siraya.tech and share your order number with us, consisting of '#xxxxx' or 'STxxxxx'.

Forget (Can't find)order number: Please share the recipient's name or email address you used when ordering for order search.

Modify invoice: If you need to modify the billing address on your invoice, please do not hesitate to include this information when contacting us.

Please be sure to fill in the correct email address when placing your order, our order notifications and basic standard invoices will be sent to this email address.

Products purchased on our website can be shipped to US, UK, AU, CA, EU, JP, and NZ.

If you are prompted at checkout that you cannot order or cannot ship, please do the following checks

1. Whether your order exceeds the shipping limit (the shipping limit for each country will be mentioned in the shipping policy)

2. Have you correctly selected the product for the corresponding region? When ordering, please select your country/region to view the products that can be shipped.

3. If you still cannot order, don't hesitate to get in touch with support@siraya.tech and share your shipping country and zip code, as well as a screenshot of your shopping cart.

1. The warehouse missed shipping your product

Please don't worry, please contact our support immediately at support@siraya.tech, our customer service will reissue it to you immediately after receiving feedback.

Please provide some photos of the package you received, we will submit them to the warehouse together with the reissue. Included

1) The shipping label with a shipping number
2) Barcode on the top or bottom of the box (if there are multiple bottles of resin, please put them together and take photos)
3. Brand label on the bottle, you can see the name of the resin you received

2. Split the package

1) Sometimes our warehouse splits packages due to difficulty in packaging.
2)Due to insufficient warehouse inventory, some products need to be shipped from another warehouse, which results in your order being delivered by multiple packages.

You can refer to the shipping time mentioned in our shipping policy.

US: 3-10 days
Canada: 5-15 days
Australia: 5-8 days
New Zealand: 7-20 days
UK: 4-8 days
Most European countries: 7-15 days
Germany and Czech Republic: 3-5 days
Norway: 15-20 days
Turkey: 25-30 days
Iceland: 25-35 days

The times mentioned above are working days. Specific time depends on the actual shipping situation.

Package shipping time depends on shipping speed, transportation distance, and carrier delivery time.

Print & Technology

Siraya Tech resins are developed for mixing and we encourage our users to do that. Here is some popular mix.

If you want to make your own, a good guess of the mix's exposure time is usually close to the weight ratio of the resins used.

Ratio of Resin A * Exposure time of A + Ratio of Resin B * Exposure time of B

Mix recommend formula:

All our resins have about 6% shrinkage per volume (1.5-2 % per axis) when fully cured. The only exception is Sculpt Ultra resin.
For 3D printing resin, this is excellent shrinkage and accurate data. The core material is similar across brands, so that you would expect a similar or worse performance from other resins. The difference is some shrink in a more consistent manner which would warp less, while thus, that shrink inconsistently would warp much easier.
Some brands quote uncured numbers, which is misleading for the end-user.

Build resin is also another resin that is easier to print than Sculpt and shrinks more evenly and less than most model resins.

The least shrinking resin in our lineup is Sculpt Ultra (a special version of Sculpt). It is composite with about 2.5% volume shrinkage.

The best way to minimize prints from warping

1) Keep the model on the build plate until cleaning and curing is done. This keeps shrinkage more even across
2) Create extra designs on the model to balance shrinkage. This is best seen in this video:
3) Use less shrinkage resin. A good option is our Build resin which shrinks more evenly


Our resin are not tested for long term storage food (this is true for all UV 3D printing resin that is under $200). So we do not recommend you do that.
For temporary food usage, there are food safe coating but even is still need to be used with caution.

Our platinum silicone has achieved food safety certification View FDA(Food safety) here.

You can find many resources on https://siraya.tech/pages/support

The page has User guide for each resin (with technical data), Printer Profiles, Test model and guide for calibrationand many more.

We recommend Non-alcoholic Dye for coloring as it is easy to apply and does not settle.
These are used by our users



Simple Clear resin is a good base to use dye.

Youtube video for how to shake the resin https://youtu.be/IGv7Y8owOLQ

More questions

Please feel free to email us support@siraya.tech.

We highly recommend to join our very active user group at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/sirayatech/We are also on Discord:https://discord.gg/4u9bytjeeDLots professionals like yourself and they often can provide better application specific experience than we could.

We highly recommend to join our very active user group at
We are also on Discord: https://discord.gg/4u9bytjeeD
Lots professionals like yourself and they often can provide better application specific experience than we could.

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