Siraya Tech Fibreheart ABS-GF Filament

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Features of ABS-GF

  • Superior Toughness: Glass Fiber enhances durability and impact resistance.
  • Stability: Maintains integrity under high temperatures and chemicals.
  • Precision Printing: Glass fiber increases rigidity, brings dimensional stability, and reduces warpage.
  • Lightweight yet Strength: Premium formula offers high strength without added weight.


  • Automotive Industry: Interior and exterior trim parts, engine covers, dashboards, etc.
  • Consumer Electronics: Casings for electronic products, etc.
  • Sports Equipment: Used in manufacturing various sports equipment, such as bicycle parts, etc.
  • Industrial Applications: Gears, valve components, various brackets, and mechanical parts, etc.

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Siraya Tech

Fibreheart ABS-GF Filament

Fibreheart ABS-GF: Professional-grade filament with 10% glass fiber for easy, low-odor printing, precise results, and minimal shrinkage. Ideal for high-performance ABS applications.

Enhanced Stability

ABS-GF 3d filament ensures superior structural integrity and consistent dimensions, outperforming ABS Carbon Fiber in robustness.

Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film
Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

High-Temperature Resistance

ABS-GF filament is engineered to withstand higher temperatures without deforming, ensuring reliability in applications exposed to heat.

Siraya Tech

Enhanced Durability

The addition of glass fibers to ABS material significantly increases its strength and impact resistance, making it ideal for creating robust and long-lasting prints.

Siraya Tech

Improved Print Accuracy

The incorporation of glass fibers reduces shrinkage and warping, leading to more precise and accurate prints, critical for industrial and automotive applications.

Siraya Tech

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of uses, from professional industrial components to personal projects, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Siraya Tech

Upgrade aluminum bag packaging

Once the filament gets wet, the quality of the print will be affected. The upgraded aluminum bag packaging is not only further moisture-proof, but also reusable.

Siraya Tech

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