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Print Setting File

How to import CHITUBOX print settings file for your 3d printer? 3d printing resin settings file import to Chitubox slicer

How to import CHITUBOX print settings file?

How to import Lychee print settings file for your 3d printer? 3d printing resin settings file import to Lychee slicer

How to import LYCHEE print settings file?

Print Settings File Download


1. Halot One: Download here

2. LD-002H: Download here

3. Halot One PRO: Download here

4. Halot One PLUS: Download here

5. Halot-Lite: Download here

6. Creality LD-006: Download here

Print settings PDF

More Questions About Printing

What to do if you can't find the print settings for your printer.

  1. If you need Lychee's print settings, but only found the Chitubox print settings file for your printer, you can download the Chitubox file and open is, then take a screenshot to save the print settings, and then manually input them into your Lychee slicer.
  2. There will be some printer exposure recommendations in the resin user manual, so you can also look in the user manual under sepport
  3. If you can't find your printer settings in the above two places, the exposure time of a printer with the same screen type and size will be a good starting point for testing.
  4. The Facebook community would be a good place to ask, they are experienced and helpful

1. Contact and share your complete printing information with us. Missing printing information may cause engineers to make incorrect judgments and be misleading.

Please share:
- printer name and type
- UV power level (this is specific for Mono X, it is default at 80% but often set otherwise)
- resin type and order number
- printing temperature
- slicer and version
- print setting screenshot (see example pic)
- support setting (see example pic)
- print failure pictures (see example)
- how the model is set up (orientation/support) via a screenshot. (see example)
- Screen protector

You can also find help on Siraya Tech Facebook Community.