While we don't always use ultrasonic cleaner during the post-cleaning process, there are situations where it can be convenient:

1) Models with lots of deep recess and hollows that are hard to reach
2) Lots of small models that would take too long to do by hand
3) Working with resins that are easy to wash
4) You need to clean at a higher temperature

Ultrasonic cleaner heats up during operation even without a built-in heater, which helps with cleaning but poses a problem when using a flammable solvent like 90% IPA. This is particularly a dilemma in winter where some locations can experience below 10C temperature that will significantly reduce cleaning performance of alcohol but warming up alcohol also poses a fire hazard.
What do we do here?

NASA Scientists proposed using plastic bags

How to safely use solvent


This prevents the flammable vapor from escaping while still getting the benefit of ultrasonic cleaning.  In this scenario, you can likely improve cleaning by getting the water temperature up to 30C. 

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Ig: the transducer in the ultrasonic cleaner has a lifespan, and when it fails it may shoot out a spark of electricity in the tank. So if the tank is filled with flammable liquid like IPA, you just firebombed your home. With water thats not an issue. The plastic bag method is a safety precaution.

Tomaz Glisovic

Tomaz Glisovic

Hi, thank you for this usefull solution, can I also use closed glass yar instead of plastic bag?



Why is IPA even considered dangerous with Ultrasonic cleaners? US cleaners do heat up liquid, but never so much to set IPS on fire. Is the concern mostly about extra evaporation due to higher temps?