Defying Curing Inhibition - Siraya Tech's Innovative Silicone Mold Kit for 3D Printing UV Resin

In the world of DIY crafting and mold making, there's an exciting innovation that's got everyone talking: the Siraya Tech Defiant Platinum Silicone Mold Making DIY Kit.

Available in two hardness levels, 15A and 25A, these kits offer a unique blend of robustness, flexibility, and tear resistance. The 25A variant excels in detailing while the softer 15A is perfect for single mold making.

Defying Curing InhibitionPicture by Robert Tolone

  • What sets the Defiant 25 apart is its remarkable ability to resist curing inhibition.This is a key advantage over other platinum silicones which are prone to sulfur poisoning due to UV Resin.
  • With Defiant 25, after merely half an hour of curing a printed part in water, it can cure smoothly without the need for any coating.
  • It's also worth noting that this product pairs optimally with Fast, Build, Easy, Blu, and Sculpt resins, making it versatile in its applications.

But that's not all.

  • The Defiant is ideal for a wide variety of uses such as resin molds, wax molds, candle molds, soap molds, casting molds, architectural details, and even statue and figurine making.
  • It strikes a perfect balance between hardness and flexibility, making it suitable for general molding applications and DIY projects.
  • Plus, its user-friendly 1A:1B mixing ratio simplifies the process for beginners.

Defying Curing InhibitionPicture by Robert Tolone

The Siraya Tech Defiant 25 is more than just durable - it outperforms other silicone mold-making products with its enhanced flexibility and superior tear resistance. Consequently, molds crafted from Defiant 25 have a longer lifespan and can be reused multiple times. This results in lower costs per cast, making it an economical choice for both hobbyists and professionals. To top it off, it can withstand temperatures up to 200C, adding to its durability and practicality.

Defying Curing Inhibition

Picture by Daryl Rentoria (Professional users of Siraya Tech)

Beginners need not worry; the Defiant 25 is as user-friendly as it gets. Its thin viscosity makes pouring and degassing a breeze compared to other 25A silicones. You won't need an expensive professional vacuum chamber to remove bubbles - with a good pouring technique, you can easily achieve a bubble-free cure.

Defiant also just passed the FDA Food Safety for Rubber (FDA 21 CFR 177 2600) and can now be used for food applications like molds for candy and chocolate.  Please click find the FDA document in the link above.

In summary, if you're a DIY enthusiast looking for a versatile, resilient, and user-friendly solution for your mold-making needs, the Siraya Tech Defiant 25 Platinum Silicone Mold Making DIY Kit is definitely worth checking out.

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Bob Caygeon

Bob Caygeon

Do you have larger sizes of 15/25a Platinum ? , looking for 1- 5 gallon pails delivered to Canada.





1. Will there be a Shore A40 version at all?
2. Will it come in clear ever?

Cheers, Matt



1 what is the pot life; and
2 what is the demolding time for this silicone;
3 Will this be available in larger, like 1-gallon sizes?

Thanks, Dave F