1. Introduction

Simple V2 is an affordable easy to print, and clean for general application resin ideal for model making like tabletop minis, and figures.

It can be cleaned with just water, and it does not crack when submerged in the water for over 30 minutes. However, it is still best to dry the print before postprocessing, as water can affect the mechanical properties of the resin.
Simple V2 retains the beautiful Simple color and ease of printing and can be printed with high lift speed. For very large printers, it may need extra heavy support.

The shelf life of the resin is one and a half years.
Even if it can be stored for such a long time, we still recommend that you use it in half a year.

UV Resin is a liquid sensitive to temperature, light, and time. Long-term storage will cause the components and pigment of the resin to precipitate and separate.

Notice: While the ideal printing condition for Simple is over 20C, we have printed as long as 15C as long as the bottom layers use more exposure time.

2. Print setting download: Please download profiles here the base for Elegoo, Anycubic, Phrozen, Peopoly, EPAX, Creality.

Please ensure you select the correct profile for either Simple V2 Grey or Aqua Gray in the slicer, as their printing settings differ.

3. Before Printing

It is a good practice to stir resin in the vatand expose the bottom of the vat to air before printing. This replenish oxygen in the vat and helps reduce peel force.  

4. Recommend best support settings

We recommend a medium preset support setting in chitubox for smaller prints. Heavy support for large prints on large printers.

If you don't use chitubox, at least download a copy and see the detailed settings for each preset and copy them over to your software of choice.

5. Cleaning


  • Simple V2 is best cleaned with 15% alcohol (1 part 90% alcohol + 5 part water). It could be cleaned with higher alcohol but is not needed to achieve great cleaning.
  • Simple Resin is very easily dissolved by water, and thus do not leave the print in alcohol or water for more than 30s.
  • Actively quickly wash the print and dry it quickly with a hairdryer if needed. Don't slowly dry and use the sun to cure at the same time.


  1. Use a painter brush (or any brush made with hair) to remove excess resins on the printed part with 15% concentrated Ethanol (preferred) or IPA to clean. Some form of methanol should work but make sure it does not contain acetone.
  2. Do not submerge the parts in alcohol for more than 30 seconds. Clean about 4-6 times, about 2-3 minutes of cleaning action, and then remove alcohol with a hair dryer or air blower. For complex parts with lots of cavities, it may be a good idea to clean/dry multiple times.
  3. Users can check by touching the dry surface of the part to see if it is still sticky. If the dry surface is still sticky, wash some more and dry again.
  4. When using ultrasonic + non-solvent based cleaning agent, be careful not to leave the print in too long. It should be no longer than 3 minutes and must dry completely before post-curing, or the residual water may lead to cracks.

6. Post Curing

  1. Quickly drying print is good practice for Simpl V2 resin. Do not leave it in the sun to dry. Use a hairdryer.
  2. Simple V2 reached its optimal strength when the printed part is post-cured with UV after cleaned. Use 395-405nm UV light and cure for about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Make sure resin is completely cleaned off and there is not alcohol left (it needs to be dry) on the print before curing.
  4. It is important to dry the print made by Simple completely before post curing. There is no need to use submerge in water technique with Simple. Failure to dry before curing may lead to cracks.

7. Mechanical Properties

Shore Hardness (D) 78D
Tensile Stress at Break (MPa) 27
IZOD Impact (Notched, J/m) 18
HDT at 0.455 MPa (°C) 60
Elongation at Break (%) 10
Young's Modulus (MPa) 750
Viscosity: 170 cps