1.Introduction to Fibreheart PET-CF Filament

Siraya Tech Fibreheat PET-CF Black is a 10% chopped carbon fiber reinforced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) filament specially developed for FDM 3D printing. It features low moisture absorption, high strength, creep resistance, excellent chemical resistance and high heat resistance.

2.Key Advantages

- Uses Siraya Tech's proprietary fiber reinforcement technology to control fiber dispersion, forming a mesh structure that improves mechanical properties, heat resistance, and part dimensional stability with no warping

- PET's regular molecular structure and rigid benzene rings provide low creep and better mechanical properties compared to PA and PC

- Good dimensional stability during printing with no warping, shrinkage or odor

3.Recommended Printing Conditions

Nozzle Temperature: 280-320°C

Recommended Nozzle Diameter: 0.4-1.0mm (hardened steel or higher grade)

Recommended Build Surface: PEI or coat with PVP glue stick

Build Plate Temperature: 60-80°C

Raft Separation Distance: 0.08-0.12mm

Cooling Fan Speed: OFF

Print Speed: 30-120mm/s

Max Extrusion Volumetric Speed: 20mm³/s at 320°C

Retraction Distance: 1-3mm

Retraction Speed: 1800-3600mm/min


5.Storage and Handling

Although PET has very low moisture absorption, it is still sensitive to humidity. Store unused Siraya Tech Fibreheat filament in sealed packaging with desiccant. If material absorbs moisture, print quality will degrade (oozing, bubbles, rough surface). Dry filament at 100-120°C for 4-6 hours to restore print quality if needed.


Let us know if you have any other questions! The Siraya Tech team is always happy to help you get the best performance out of Fibreheat PET-CF Black filament.