Flex TPU - 85A Filament

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Features of Flex 85A TPU

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Compared to common 95A TPU filaments, Flex 85A offers superior flexibility, making it an ideal choice for wearable devices and flexible parts.
  • Excellent Impact Resistance: This filament boasts outstanding impact resistance, suitable for printing projects that require high durability and toughness.
  • Ease of Printing: Flex 85A is specially formulated to extrude more easily and adhere better, ensuring a smoother printing process compatible with various printer models.
  • 5x High-Speed Printing Performance: It can print up to 5 times faster than comparable TPU filaments while maintaining high-quality print results.

Applications of Flex 85A TPU

  • Wearable Devices: Such as straps for smartwatches, fitness tracker bands, etc.
  • Flexible Connectors: Like hoses, vibration dampening pads, etc.
  • Prototyping: The fast printing capability makes it ideal for design prototyping and rapid iteration.
  • Medical Device Accessories: Custom wrist braces, supports, etc., requiring materials that are both comfortable and durable.
  • Everyday Items: Phone cases, shock-absorbing pads, protective covers, and more.


Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Flex TPU -- 85A Shore hardness

Come with Black and While!

Why Filaments, and Why Now?

Well, it all started with your feedback. Many of you are creating functional parts and have been vocal about your material needs. While the filament market is crowded, we see an unmet need for high-performance, engineering-grade materials.

We're determined to bring our ethos of affordable, professional-grade materials from the resin world to our filament endeavors.

View the letter from our founder -- Mark
Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

More flexible than 95A

Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

More durability

Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

Softer feel

Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

High Flexibility & Toughness

Siraya Tech Flex TPU Filament: Unleashing Unparalleled Flexibility & Durability for Your 3D Printing.

What makes Flex TPU different?

Up to 5x speed

Compared with similar TPU filaments, the material of Flex TPU has been upgraded, making it easier to extrude and the printing speed can be increased by 5X.

Further moisture protection

Use vacuum aluminum-based packaging, which is more moisture-proof than ordinary transparent bags. And the sealing strip allows reinstallation after removal.

Flex TPU Filament is stronger and more durable

The material has been upgraded, and the filament has strong toughness and can easily lift heavy objects.

Prints feel softer to the touch

The printed surface is clean and smooth, and the Shore hardness of 85A gives filament printing a soft feel closer to silicone.

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Preparing for Printing

(1) Printer Compatibility

Flex TPU 85A is optimized for FDM printers equipped with direct drive extruders, which are located on the toolhead for enhanced filament control. This setup is crucial for successful TPU printing.

For best results, mount the filament directly above the extruder to facilitate the shortest and most efficient path from the spool to the extruder, thus significantly enhancing the print quality and success rate.

(2) Print Bed Preparation

A clean, level print bed is essential. We recommend a heated bed temperature ranging from 20°C to 50°C, adjusted according to your printer’s capabilities.

Check out the TPU manual for more printing information

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