Blu - Biocompatibility Certification ISO 10993-10

Blu - Biocompatibility Certification ISO 10993-10

Blu recently passed the ISO 10993-10 Skin Sensitivity certification for bio-compatibility. This means that Blu is now certified for making devices that touch human skin externally. This is certainly great news for many of our professional users. Here is the guideline to ensure proper use:

1. Clean in two batches of 95%+ Ethanol or IP. The first cleaning pass can be in a batch of Ethanol and IPA that could be dirty (was previously used) for about 3-5 minutes. The goal is to remove excessive resins. After the first batch finishes, move to 2nd cleaning batch with clean Ethanol or IPA for an ultrasonic bath of about 5 minutes.

Please follow safety instruction here for using alcohol in ultrasonic device.

2 After finishing cleaning in the 2nd batch, bake the print at 60C for 20 minutes to remove moisture and residuals.

3 After baking, please cure with a 405nm UV light fixture for 20 minutes.



  • Siraya Tech

    Blu’s biocompatibility certification applies to all resins in the Blu series.

  • Evan Weber

    Will this work with BLUV2 as well?