Siraya Tech Blu: A Tough and Bio-Compatible Resin with ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certification

Siraya Tech Blu: A Tough and Bio-Compatible Resin with ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certification

If you are looking for a resin that can handle high-stress applications and also be safe for human skin contact, you might want to check out Siraya Tech Blu.

  • Blu is a tough engineering resin that has excellent mechanical properties, such as high hardness and robustness.
  • It is suitable for various parts and tool-making, such as engineering prototypes, mechanical aids, fixtures and jigs.

But what makes Blu stand out from other resins is its bio-compatibility.

  • Blu has passed the ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certifications for skin contact, which means it does not cause irritation, inflammation, or sensitization when in contact with human skin externally.
  • This makes Blu ideal for medical devices and jewelry making.

Click Here for the ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certificates

 Siraya Tech Blu

How Blu Passed the Bio-Compatibility Tests

Blu passed the ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 tests for in vitro cytotoxicity and skin sensitization, respectively.

These tests are designed to evaluate the potential of medical devices and their constituent materials to produce adverse biological effects on mammalian cells and human skin.

Blu showed no signs of toxicity or sensitization in these tests, proving its safety and suitability for skin contact.

Siraya Tech Blu

To ensure the proper use of Blu for skin-safe devices, Siraya Tech provides a guideline for cleaning, baking, and curing the resin.

  • According to the guideline, the printed parts should be cleaned in two batches of 95%+ ethanol or IPA for 3-5 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively.
  • Then, they should be baked at 60°C for 20 minutes to remove moisture and residuals.
  • Finally, they should be cured with a 405nm UV light fixture for 20 minutes.

Examples of Applications Using Blu

Blu can be used for a variety of applications that require toughness and bio-compatibility.

  • Blu can be used to make engineering prototypes that need to withstand high stress and strain, such as gears, hinges, brackets, and connectors.
  • Blu can also be used to make mechanical aids that assist in performing tasks or functions, such as clamps, holders, guides, and tools.
  • Blu can also be used to make fixtures and jigs that help in positioning or assembling components, such as molds, templates, gauges, and calipers.

One of the most interesting applications of Blu is jewelry making. Blu can be used to create intricate designs and shapes that are durable and comfortable to wear. Blu can also be dyed or painted to achieve different colors and effects. Blu is especially suitable for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that touch the skin directly.

Siraya Tech Blu
Try Blu Today

If you are interested in trying out Blu for your next project, you can order it from Siraya Tech's website or online store. Blu comes in different sizes (1kg or 5kg) and colors (emerald blue, clear V2, obsidian black, nylon black). You can also find more information about Blu's specifications and certifications on their website.

Blu is a tough and bio-compatible resin that offers many advantages for skin-safe devices. Whether you are making prototypes, tools, fixtures, or jewelry, Blu can handle it all. Try Blu today and see the difference for yourself.

Siraya Tech Blu

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