Material Property and Longevity Test of Fast Mecha White

Material Property and Longevity Test of Fast Mecha White

A blogger @Kazuhisa SHOUSHIN on Twitter posted a product test from Siraya Tech. The test is for Fast - Mecha White - ABS-like standard photopolymer resin. This resin was also tested here half a year ago, but the conditions are obviously more stringent this time.

An uncured failed print should be he perfect subject in this exam, as softening and cracks were easily seen on this. First, @Kazuhisa poured boiling hot water at 100°C first, then kept it at 65-70°C in a heater for 90 minutes.

If the resin is of poor quality, it will absorb water within a few minutes of pouring hot water, resulting in surface peeling and cracks like this:

Mecha White, 10 minutes had already passed, it looked fine.

Next part was to change 100°C boiling water every 30 minutes for thermal expansion and thermal water absorption tests. Shortly after adding boiling water, A certain company's transparent resin had enlarged cracks due to boiling and cooling shrinkage. After taking it out of the water, you’d find that even if you touch it, it would not even feel wet. So the water resistance  and heat resistance are higher than other resins.

Then came with the exam of 95% IPA Dobon. And it's a 24-hour test. This time the criterion  was higher, Mecha White had a hot IPA at 45°C for 2 hours! After 2 hours, the heater was turned off and the test endured at room temperature for a total of 24 hours.

3 hours after heating, other company’s transparent resin corroded from the cracks in the previous test, polymerized and decomposed, and accelerated the generation of cracks.

20 hours passed, the crack in the center of the transparent resin had expanded due to IPA absorption and erosion, and it was about to come off. On the other hand, Mecha White was still undamaged, and it regains smoothness after drying.

Finally, we came in the results of Fast's exam. the result shows:

・Water absorption/heat resistance > OK

・IPA endurance 24 hours > OK

・Lacquer 24 hours > OK

・Enamel 24 hours > OK

・Suffless painting > OK

・Machinability > Good!

・Smooth and low friction

Test comes from: @Kazuhisa SHOUSHIN

Twitter account: @info_PW