How to make Simple Clear transparent

How to make Simple Clear transparent

Transparent Step:
1, Use a hair dryer to remove the water droplets on the surface until the surface is dry.
2, Air dry at 25°C for 30 minutes under normal pressure.
3, Apply a thin layer of water-based coating with a spray gun.
4, Apply thinly thrice every 2 minutes and then let it dry naturally at room temperature. You can do multiple spraying operations until the transparency meets your expectations. We repeated this operation about three times, a total of 6 minutes.

Pictures before and after processing

1. The reason why water droplets need to be dried: water-based paint is hydrophilic. This affects the penetration of the paint.
2, Reasons for not using lacquer-based coating agents: The lacquer-based coating agent dries too quickly, and the solvent will evaporate before penetrating the interior.
3. The reason for not using a heating drying oven: it can allow the water-based paint to penetrate the resin as much as possible, delay the drying process and penetration speed, fully penetrate and improve transparency.


This method is provided by @Kazuhisa SHOUSHIN