Transform Your 3D Printing

Siraya Tech wants to level up your printing game with our awesome photopolymer resins. We know for every 3D printing enthusiast, using top-notch resin is the key to making truly epic prints, and that's exactly what we deliver. Our innovative resins will blow your mind with their performance and flexibility.

Printing with an Anycubic? We got you. Got the best resin printer out there? No problem! We also work perfectly with popular models like the Elegoo Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Basically, whatever 3D printer you're rocking, our resins are here to make your creations shine!

Why Choose Siraya Tech Resins?

Siraya Tech cares about quality more than a kid cares about their favorite video game! Our resins are like tiny superheroes - super strong, tough enough to handle anything, and some are even bio-compatible for safe and awesome projects. They can take a beating, resist heat without melting, and some can even bend and flex without breaking. But that's not all! We put our resins through a super-strict quality check to make sure every single batch is consistent and performs like a champ. With Siraya Tech, you know you're getting the best possible resins for your 3D printing adventures!

We take pride in our wide-ranging validation process, certifying that every batch of resin maintains constant mechanical properties. This rigorous testing guarantees that you can rely on Siraya Tech resins for all your 3D printing needs, achieving professional-grade results every time.

Compatibility and Open-Platform Support

The beauty of Siraya Tech resins? Our resins work impeccably with many 3D printer brands. Anycubic? Perfect! Elegoo Jupiter, Mars, or Saturn? Those guys are all good buddies with our resins too. Basically, we designed our resins to be compatible with all sorts of popular printers, so you can just focus on creating your awesome projects! This compatibility ensures that you can easily integrate our resins into your existing setup without any hassle.

Our support for open-platform approaches further enhances this flexibility, allowing you to use our resins with a wide range of printers and software. The best part about Siraya Tech resins? They don't play favorites! Unlike some other brands that lock you into their own systems, our resins are super chill and work with a bunch of different 3D printers. This means you can pick the perfect printer for your project, no matter what brand it is. So, you want to print those crazy detailed figurines? Our resins will capture every tiny scale and feather. Need to tackle a massive print? We've got your back there too. Siraya Tech resins are all about giving you the freedom to choose the best tools and then delivering the amazing results you deserve.

Enhancing Prints with High-Impact and Heat-Resistant Resins

Siraya Tech's high-impact resins are the Chuck Norris of the 3D printing world. They can handle more punishment than a punching bag convention and still come out looking good. Need a prototype that can withstand endless tinkering? Our resins are tougher than your toughest critic. Building a custom tool that needs to be the Michael Jordan of tools? Siraya Tech resins will help you create something legendary. Forget prints that crumble like yesterday's cookies - our high-impact heroes will keep your creations standing strong.

Moreover, our high heat deflection resins are essential for projects exposed to elevated temperatures. Siraya Tech resins are like fireproof ninjas! They can handle the heat, no matter how intense. This makes them perfect for printing all sorts of parts that need to stay strong even when things get hot. Think electronic components, car parts, or even industrial prototypes - our resins won't melt or warp, even if you crank up the heat. And the good news is, these fireproof ninjas work perfectly with all the best resin printers on the market, like Anycubic, Elegoo Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn.

We hear all the time from happy customers who've used our resins to create incredible heat-resistant projects - you could be next! One user shared how our high-impact resin enabled them to create a durable drone frame that withstood multiple crashes without any damage. Another user highlighted how our heat-resistant resin helped them develop a custom engine part that performed flawlessly in high-temperature environments.

Bio-Compatibility and Elastomeric Capabilities

Bio-compatibility is a critical feature for many 3D printing applications, and our resins deliver on this front. Siraya Tech's got your back if you're printing something that needs to be gentle on the skin. Our bio-compatible resin Blu is totally safe and non-toxic, making them perfect for projects like cool wearable tech, medical models, or even fancy personalized accessories. Think of it as printing with peace of mind – you know your creations are safe for you and anyone who interacts with them.

Bend and Flex with Siraya Tech! Want to create designs that move and groove? Our elastomeric resins are the ultimate bendy heroes! They're super flexible and tough at the same time, which means you can print things like seals, gaskets, or even wearable tech parts that can bend and stretch without falling apart. Imagine printing tech that moves with your body – that's the magic of Siraya Tech's elastomeric resins. Your creations won't just look awesome, they'll work flawlessly in the real world too!

Hear what our Fans are Saying! We're constantly amazed by the incredible things people create with Siraya Tech resins. Our bio-compatible and bendy elastomeric resins are especially popular, and we keep hearing rave reviews from happy customers. They love how these resins are safe for skin and super flexible, making them perfect for all sorts of cool projects. It's like having a whole new toolbox of printing possibilities unlocked!

From Killer Wearables to Robotic Arms! We love seeing what our users create with Siraya Tech resins. Take one of our fans, for example. They used our bendy, super-strong elastomeric resin to build a whole bunch of flexible joints for a robotic arm! And guess what? The resin held up perfectly, even with all that movement and pressure.

Practical Tips for Using Siraya Tech Resins

To get the best results with Siraya Tech resins, we recommend a few practical tips. Here are some additional tips for getting the best results with Siraya Tech resins:

Finding the right layer height: Start by ensuring your printer settings are optimized for our resins. If you're using Siraya Tech resin with a popular printer like Anycubic, Elegoo Jupiter, Mars, or Saturn, a good starting point for layer height is 0.05mm. This will give you a good balance between capturing fine details and printing faster. You can always adjust this setting based on your specific needs.

Aim for a curing time of about 2-4 minutes per side under UV light. For post-processing, clean your prints thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove any uncured resin, and consider using a UV curing station for consistent results. Consult the recommended cure times provided by Siraya Tech for your specific resin and printer model. If you can't find that information, start with a lower cure time and gradually increase it until your prints are nice and strong.

Common mistakes to avoid include improper storage of resins and inadequate printer maintenance. Here are some tips for storing resin and maintaining your 3D printer:

  • Keep your resin bottles happy: Just like you wouldn't leave chocolate chip cookies out in the sun, store your resin in a cool, dark place. Sunlight can cure the resin, making it unusable. Think of a dark cabinet or drawer – perfect for keeping your resin fresh!
  • Be your printer's hero: Give your 3D printer a regular check-up to avoid any glitches. Like all machines, issues may occur. That is why we have our troubleshooting guide that will help with your malfunctioning printer. You can also reach out to our friendly support team – they're always happy to help!

Join Our Community and Share Your Success

The Siraya Tech community is like a virtual high five for 3D printing enthusiasts! We want you to be part of the gang, sharing your awesome creations and getting inspired by others. We have a whole network of partners and super active user communities where you can swap ideas, pick up hot tips, and of course, show off your masterpieces! Seeing what you create with our resins fuels our fire, and there's nothing cooler than being part of your journey from concept to mind-blowing 3D printed reality. So, jump in, say hi, and let's make something epic together!


That's a wrap on our deep dive into the awesome world of Siraya Tech resins! We covered everything from their ninja-like toughness to their fireproof superpowers. We even talked bio-compatibility and flexibility - these resins can pretty much do it all! We didn't stop there! We've also armed you with a secret weapon – killer tips to dominate the world of 3D printing with Siraya Tech resins. The future is now, maker! Head over to our website, explore our range of super resins, and get ready to transform your 3D printing projects into legendary creations!