Unlock the Future of 3D Printing with Siraya Tech Easy Resin and the ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K Printer
In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, staying at the forefront of technology is crucial. Siraya Tech, a leader in resin production, is proud to introduce our latest innovation: the Easy - Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Resin, a perfect match for the high-performance ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K Resin 3D Printer. This blog will explore the synergistic relationship between these two groundbreaking products and provide essential information for our customers.

ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K Resin 3D Printer: A Technological Marvel

Exceptional Resolution and Speed: The ELEGOO Saturn 3 boasts a 10-inch 12K mono LCD with a stunning 11520x5120 resolution and 19x24μm XY resolution. This allows for highly detailed models at a printing speed of up to 70mm/h.

Generous Build Volume: With dimensions of 218.88x122.88x250 mm³, the printer offers ample space for larger, more ambitious projects.

Advanced Light Source: A combination of a COB light source and Fresnel collimating lens ensures uniform light emission, resulting in accurate and consistent prints.

Enhanced Build Plate: The laser-carved build plate provides superior adhesion, increasing the success rate of your prints.

Innovative Software: Voxeldance Tango Software enhances printing efficiency with various modes and supports third-party slicing software.

Air Purification: A plug-in air purifier with an activated carbon filter ensures a safe printing environment.

Siraya Tech Easy - Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Resin: The Sustainable Choice

  • Fast Curing and Strong: It has a rapid curing speed and lower peeling force, making it more reliable and robust than traditional plant-based resins.
  • Low Odor and High Resolution: Enjoy minimal odor and exceptional resolution, enhancing the overall 3D printing experience.
  • Perfect for Beginners: Affordability and ease of use make Easy Resin ideal for students, educators, and novices in resin 3D printing.
  • Effortless Cleaning: The resin is easy to clean, requiring just an air gun and alcohol spray for post-print rinsing.

Seamlessly Integrating Siraya Tech Easy Resin with ELEGOO Saturn 3

Combining the ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K Resin 3D Printer with Siraya Tech Easy Resin creates a powerful duo for any 3D printing enthusiast. The printer's high resolution and speed perfectly complement the eco-friendly and user-friendly properties of the Easy Resin.

Optimal Settings and Safety Information: For the best printing experience, visit our Print Setting Download Page to optimize your printer for our Easy Resin. Additionally, safety data sheets (MSDS) and technical data sheets (TDS) are available for comprehensive understanding and safe handling of our products (MSDS | TDS).


Siraya Tech is committed to providing innovative solutions for the 3D printing community. Our Easy - Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Resin, combined with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 12K Resin 3D Printer, offers an unmatched printing experience, balancing environmental responsibility with technological advancement. Embrace the future of 3D printing with Siraya Tech and ELEGOO.

*Printer pictures are from Elegoo
Resin and 3d printer intro