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Welcome to Siraya Tech, where the frontier of 3D printing technologies is constantly pushed forward to new horizons. Our journey is fueled by a relentless commitment to innovation, delivering next-generation photopolymer resins that empower creators, engineers, and businesses to bring their ideas to life with a level of precision and functionality that sets new industry benchmarks. Our comprehensive range of flexible UV resin solutions is meticulously engineered to cater to a plethora of applications, boasting unique properties such as high-impact resistance, high heat deflection, bio-compatibility, and elastomeric capabilities.

Among our innovative lineup of resins, the Tenacious - Flexible Resin holds a special place, embodying the brand's ethos of delivering not just products, but solutions that redefine what's possible in the realm of 3D printing. Our Tenacious - Flexible Resin is a testament to our pursuit of excellence, offering a blend of durability, flexibility, and impact resistance that is unparalleled. Whether you are printing intricate designs or robust functional parts, Tenacious is engineered to exceed expectations, fostering a new level of creativity and practicality in flexible resin 3D printing.

The advent of flexible resins has marked a significant milestone in modern manufacturing. They have emerged as a game changer, offering an exquisite balance of flexibility and strength that traditional materials could not achieve. Flexible 405nm resin, in particular, has garnered attention for its exceptional properties, propelling the industry into a realm where the lines between durability and flexibility are beautifully blurred. The rise of flexible resin 405nm technology underscores a broader shift towards materials that not only meet the functional requirements of an application but also open doors to new design possibilities.

However, the path to unleashing the full potential of flexible resin for 3D printing lies in making an informed choice. Not all flexible resins are created equal, and the choice of resin can significantly impact the performance, longevity, and functionality of the printed parts. Here, Tenacious - Flexible Resin by Siraya Tech shines brightly, offering a remarkable blend of features that cater to a diverse range of applications. Whether it's about achieving a specific level of flexibility, ensuring impact resistance, or enhancing the toughness of other resins by blending, Tenacious steps up to the challenge, setting a new standard in flexible resin printing. As we delve deeper into the world of Tenacious - Flexible Resin, we'll explore how its unique composition and properties make it a stellar choice for various applications, from robotics to engineering solutions, and how it stands head and shoulders above other flexible UV resins in the market.

The Genesis of Tenacious - Flexible Resin

The inception of Tenacious - Flexible Resin can be traced back to the humble beginnings of Siraya Tech. Established in 2018 by Mark Peng in Taiwan, Siraya Tech was birthed from a simple yet profound vision - to bridge the gap between imagination and reality through cutting-edge 3D printing solutions. The journey embarked upon by Siraya Tech saw it evolving from its initial successes with Peopoly Model resin to becoming a standalone entity, forging its path towards developing high-quality photopolymers compatible with a variety of 3D printers. The evolution didn’t stop there; it was the precursor to something more ambitious, something that would embody the essence of flexibility and durability in 3D printing - the Tenacious - Flexible Resin.

Mark Peng’s vision was clear from the get-go; to foster a culture of innovation and excellence in the realm of 3D printing. His belief in the potential of photopolymers as the medium to drive 3D printing technologies forward was unwavering. Mark saw beyond the conventional, envisioning a line of resins that would redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in flexible resin 3D printing. His foresight and relentless pursuit of innovation led to the birth of Tenacious - Flexible Resin, a product that stands as a testament to Mark’s vision and Siraya Tech’s commitment to delivering groundbreaking photopolymers. The creation of Tenacious wasn’t merely about developing a new resin; it was about crafting a solution that would empower individuals and industries to explore new dimensions of creativity and functionality.

The journey towards creating Tenacious - Flexible Resin was anything but easy. It entailed a rigorous process of validation and testing to ensure that the resin’s mechanical properties were not just in line with, but surpassed industry standards. Our objective was clear – to offer a flexible 405nm resin that would set a new benchmark in terms of impact resistance, flexibility, and toughness. A myriad of tests were conducted, simulating a variety of real-world conditions to ascertain the resin’s performance. Every aspect, from its ability to bend without shattering to its compatibility with other resins for enhanced performance, was put under the microscope.

The meticulous validation process ensured that Tenacious wasn’t just a product, but a promise of quality, reliability, and outstanding performance in flexible resin printing. Through relentless testing and refinement, Tenacious - Flexible Resin emerged as a symbol of Siraya Tech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with flexible resin for 3D printing, opening new avenues for innovation and setting a high bar in the landscape of flexible UV resin.

Key Features of Tenacious - Flexible Resin

One of the salient features of Tenacious - Flexible Resin is its high versatility and durability, which makes it a go-to choice for a myriad of applications. Whether it's prototyping or producing functional parts, the characteristics of this flexible 405nm resin caters to the diverse needs of makers and professionals alike. Its durability ensures that the printed objects withstand the test of time and usage, thus proving its mettle in various demanding scenarios. From hobbyist projects to industrial applications, Tenacious is proving to be a game-changer in flexible resin 3D printing.

The realm of 3D printing often demands materials that can endure impact without compromising on flexibility, and this is where Tenacious shines brightly. Its excellent impact resistance is a testament to its robustness, making it a reliable choice for parts that are subjected to significant wear and tear. Moreover, the flexibility of this flexible resin 405nm is not just about bending; it's about retaining the functionality of the printed parts under varying conditions. This unique blend of impact resistance and flexibility is what sets Tenacious apart, ensuring the longevity and functionality of the creations it helps manifest.

At the core of Tenacious - Flexible Resin’s remarkable features is its high polymer content. This aspect significantly contributes to its outstanding mechanical properties, providing a robust foundation for the resilience and toughness it offers. The high polymer content is a crucial factor that enhances the structural integrity of the printed parts, ensuring they perform optimally even in challenging conditions. This facet of Tenacious underscores the meticulous engineering that goes into developing a resin that stands tall in the domain of flexible resin printing.

A notable property of Tenacious - Flexible Resin is its ability to bend without shattering. This attribute showcases the material’s toughness and resilience, defying the traditional trade-off between flexibility and strength. Even thin objects printed with Tenacious can be bent to a significant degree without showing signs of breaking, a feature that is often sought after but hard to find in the realm of flexible resin for 3D printing. This property opens up new vistas of possibilities in design and application, enabling creators to venture beyond the conventional boundaries of 3D printing.

Beyond its standalone capabilities, Tenacious - Flexible Resin plays well with other resins too. When mixed with other resins, Tenacious lends its toughness to them, enhancing their mechanical properties and thus expanding the scope of what’s achievable. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in applications where a custom level of rigidity and toughness is desired. By enabling the enhancement of other resins’ toughness, Tenacious not only stands as a robust flexible UV resin but also as a catalyst that elevates the performance of other resins, embodying the collaborative spirit of innovation that drives the realm of flexible resin 3D printing forward.

In-Depth Look at Tenacious Flex Black

As we delve into the realm of Tenacious Flex Black, a comparative analysis with its counterparts, Tenacious Clear and Obsidian Black, sheds light on its distinct attributes. When it comes to flexibility and rebound speed, Tenacious Flex Black steals the spotlight. The unique formulation of this flexible 405nm resin endows it with a faster rebound, ensuring that the printed parts return to their original form swiftly post deformation. This is a crucial factor in applications where rapid movement or high-frequency usage is involved. On the other hand, while Tenacious Clear and Obsidian Black also exhibit good flexibility, Tenacious Flex Black takes it a notch higher, providing more elasticity which is often pivotal in dynamic applications. The comparison not only highlights the superior flexibility and rebound speed of Tenacious Flex Black but also its suitability for a broader spectrum of applications in flexible resin 3D printing.

Diving into the technical specifications, the 70A shore hardness of Tenacious Flex Black is a hallmark of its mechanical prowess. Shore hardness is a measure of the resistance of a material to penetration of a spring-loaded needle, and a 70A rating signifies a good level of flexibility while maintaining a decent level of hardness. This level of shore hardness makes Tenacious Flex Black a go-to choice for printing parts that require a blend of toughness, flexibility, and durability. It hits the sweet spot where the printed parts can withstand stress yet exhibit flexibility, which is paramount in numerous real-world applications in flexible resin 405nm for 3D printing.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and this adage holds true when we explore the real-world applications and results achieved with Tenacious Flex Black. From robotic components that require a level of give to prevent breakage, to impact-resistant engineering applications where the material's resilience is put to the test, Tenacious Flex Black has showcased its merit time and again. In scenarios where the printed parts are subjected to forces or movements, the flexible UV resin’s unique properties come to the fore, ensuring the functionality and longevity of the parts. Additionally, in the realm of consumer products like wearable accessories or protective gear, the Tenacious Flex Black has proven to be a reliable choice, providing the requisite flexibility and durability. By transcending the traditional constraints of flexible resin printing, Tenacious Flex Black is not just a material, but a means to bring innovative ideas to fruition, ensuring they not only see the light of day but thrive in the real world.

Applications of Tenacious - Flexible Resin

  1. Robot Application

In the realm of robotics, the demand for materials that can withstand dynamic and demanding environments is paramount. Tenacious - Flexible Resin rises to this challenge effortlessly. Its unique blend of flexibility and durability makes it an ideal choice for creating robotic components that require a level of give, yet must retain their structural integrity under stress. Whether it’s for crafting joint parts that need to move smoothly or protective coverings that can absorb impact, Tenacious proves to be a game-changer in flexible resin 3D printing for robotics. The resilience and rebound characteristics of this flexible 405nm resin ensure that the robotic components perform reliably over time, even in the face of rigorous operational demands.

  1. Engineering Applications

In various engineering domains, the ability to withstand impact without succumbing to damage is crucial. Tenacious - Flexible Resin offers excellent impact resistance, making it a reliable choice for engineering applications where parts are subjected to substantial wear and tear. Whether it's creating durable mounts, housings, or other critical components, Tenacious provides a level of robustness that is essential in minimizing maintenance and ensuring long-term functionality. The ability of flexible resin 405nm to endure physical stress without compromising on flexibility is a testament to its suitability for a broad spectrum of engineering applications in flexible resin printing.

  1. Flexible Functional Parts

The world of flexible functional parts is vast and varied, and the properties of Tenacious - Flexible Resin are tailored to meet the demands of this domain. Its high polymer content and the unique ability to bend without shattering open up new vistas of possibilities in designing and creating functional parts. Whether it’s crafting flexible connectors, seals, or other custom components, Tenacious facilitates a level of design freedom and functionality that is often hard to achieve with other materials. This flexible resin for 3D printing not only meets the functional requirements but also extends the boundaries of what’s achievable in creating flexible functional parts.

  1. Creation of Durable O-rings, Gaskets, and Other Essential Components

The importance of reliable O-rings, gaskets, and other sealing components can’t be overstated in myriad applications. Tenacious - Flexible Resin is a material of choice for creating such essential components owing to its durability and flexibility. The ability of Tenacious to create seals that can withstand pressure, temperature fluctuations, and other challenging conditions is a testament to its robustness. Moreover, the ease of flexible resin printing with Tenacious allows for the creation of custom components that fit the exact specifications required, ensuring a snug fit and reliable performance over time. The realm of possibilities that Tenacious opens up in the creation of these essential components is a showcase of its capabilities as a high-quality flexible UV resin, driving reliability and performance in various applications.

Blending Tenacious with Other Resins

One of the remarkable attributes of Tenacious - Flexible Resin is its compatibility with other resins, facilitating a blending process that can significantly improve performance. By mixing Tenacious with other resins, users can harness the best of both worlds, achieving a desirable balance between flexibility, toughness, and other mechanical properties. This blending ability underscores Tenacious's versatility in flexible resin 3D printing, providing a pathway to customized solutions tailored to specific application needs. Whether the goal is to enhance impact resistance, improve elongation, or achieve a particular shore hardness, blending Tenacious opens up a myriad of possibilities.

The process of blending is relatively straightforward, yet the results can be profound. For instance, mixing Tenacious with a standard resin can yield a blend with enhanced toughness and flexibility. The ratio of the blend can be adjusted to achieve the desired mechanical properties. In a real-world example, a blend of Tenacious and a standard resin could be used to create a part that retains rigidity yet has improved impact resistance and flexibility, making it suitable for a wider range of applications. Similarly, blending Tenacious with a high-temperature resin could result in a material with both high heat resistance and flexibility, ideal for applications exposed to varying temperature conditions. The ability to blend and achieve customized mechanical properties underscores the exceptional versatility of Tenacious in flexible resin printing.

Community and Open Platform Support

Siraya Tech embraces an open platform approach, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where innovation and community engagement thrive. This approach not only facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences among users but also nurtures a culture of continuous improvement and learning. By promoting an open dialogue, Siraya Tech encourages users to share their blending recipes, printing settings, and project outcomes, which in turn helps others in the community to learn and improve. This collaborative ethos extends to the broader dialogue about flexible resin for 3D printing, contributing to the collective advancement of knowledge and techniques in the field.

Through active user communities and partnerships, Siraya Tech is not just a provider of high-quality flexible UV resin but a significant player in building a collaborative and innovative ecosystem in the flexible resin 3D printing domain. This open platform approach, coupled with the exceptional properties of Tenacious - Flexible Resin, makes Siraya Tech a valuable ally in the journey of exploration and innovation in the ever-evolving world of 3D printing.


As we traversed through the narrative of Tenacious - Flexible Resin, the innovation and excellence embedded in Siraya Tech's ethos were profoundly evident. The remarkable journey from the genesis of Tenacious to its multifaceted applications underscored the transformative impact it has in the realm of flexible resin 3D printing. The distinctive features of Tenacious, including its high versatility, excellent impact resistance, and unique blending capabilities, mark it as a groundbreaking product in Siraya Tech's robust lineup. Moreover, the open platform approach of Siraya Tech has cultivated a thriving community and collaborative ecosystem, fueling continuous learning and innovation in flexible resin for 3D printing.

The narrative unveils a world of possibilities that Tenacious - Flexible Resin opens up for both hobbyists and professionals. It beckons a call to explore the uncharted territories of creativity and precision that this exceptional resin facilitates. Alongside Tenacious, the array of resins offered by Siraya Tech promises a solution for a plethora of applications, each with its unique set of properties catering to different demands. The blend of innovation, quality, and community support that Siraya Tech offers is a solid foundation for anyone looking to venture into or expand their horizons in the 3D printing landscape.

The expedition doesn't end here; it's just the beginning of what's achievable with Tenacious - Flexible Resin and other remarkable products from Siraya Tech. You are invited to delve deeper, explore the products, and become a part of the vibrant community that Siraya Tech nurtures. By visiting our website, you can browse through our extensive range of resins, discover the multitude of applications they cater to, and join the community to stay abreast of the latest products and applications. The dialogue, the collaboration, and the continuous quest for innovation are what make Siraya Tech more than just a brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What makes Tenacious - Flexible Resin unique?

Tenacious - Flexible Resin is popular for its high impact resistance, flexibility, and ability to enhance the mechanical properties of other resins. In addition, it has a high polymer content that makes it’s a perfect choice for different applications.

  1. What are some of the applications of Tenacious - Flexible Resin?

Tenacious - Flexible Resin is versatile and can be used in robotics, engineering applications, creating flexible functional parts, and manufacturing durable O-rings, gaskets, and other essential components.

  1. Can Tenacious - Flexible Resin be blended with other resins?

Yes, Tenacious can be blended with other resins to improve their toughness and other mechanical properties. The blending ratios can be adjusted to achieve the desired mechanical characteristics.

  1. How does the community and open platform approach of Siraya Tech benefit users?

Siraya Tech’s open platform approach fosters a collaborative ecosystem where users can share their experiences, blending recipes, and project outcomes. It promotes continuous learning and innovation, helping users to get the most out of their 3D printing endeavors.

  1. Where can I learn more about Tenacious - Flexible Resin and other products offered by Siraya Tech?

You can explore Tenacious - Flexible Resin and other products on the Siraya Tech website. Joining the community will also keep you updated on the latest products and applications.

  1. How does Tenacious Flex Black compare to Tenacious Clear and Obsidian Black?

Tenacious Flex Black offers more flexibility and a faster rebound compared to Tenacious Clear and Obsidian Black. It has a shore hardness of 70A, which makes it a suitable choice for applications requiring a balance of toughness and flexibility.

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