Enhance Your Jewelry 3D Printing

One of the standout features of Siraya Tech Resin is the ability to blend different resins, creating customized properties perfect for your specific needs. To explore potential combinations, check out our guide.

 Launched in 2021, the Siraya Tech Cast Purple resin quickly became a favorite among jewelry makers due to its ease of printing and casting with commonly available investments. What sets it apart is its well-known burnout schedule and affordability across numerous countries.


Enhance Your Jewelry 3D Printing


In 2022, we introduced an improved version known as Cast True Blue. Easier to burn out than its predecessor, True Blue presents in a striking blue color that transitions to a softer baby blue hue after full curing - a unique feature attributed to its high wax content. The popularity of Cast True Blue has grown significantly, becoming a go-to option for many users.

Enhance Your Jewelry 3D Printing

However, the high wax content makes Cast True Blue more challenging to print than Cast Purple. It tends to be softer and adheres less effectively to the build plate. If you require a castable resin that's easier to burn out than Cast Purple for creating thicker jewelry pieces, but also want better printability, mixing Cast Purple and Cast True Blue is the ideal solution.

David Boardman, an outstanding jeweler/designer, experimented with a 1:1 mix of Cast Purple and Cast True Blue, and documented his journey in a detailed post [insert link]. His mixture produced a captivating bluish-purple color and prints that were easier to execute than with Cast True Blue alone. Check out the amazing results of his prints.

Enhance Your Jewelry 3D Printin

He used the same burnout schedule as he did with Cast Purple, and it worked flawlessly. Witness the beauty of his spectacular design.

Next time you require a customized castable resin, consider blending Cast Purple and True Blue. Maintain the average exposure and bottom exposure time between the two castable resins while keeping everything else the same. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team support@siraya.tech.

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