Introduction of Easy, the eco-friendly plant-based resin with outstanding resolution and is easy to print
While additive manufacturing overall is more efficient at material utilization and less wasteful than some of the traditional manufacturing methods, we all still have a responsibility to reduce the burden on the ecosystems.
Easy is a plant-base, easy-to-print, high-resolution resin designed for today's MSLA printers. It is eco-friendly because it contains raw materials from renewable sources, not fossil fuels. Typically, a plant-based resin can be challenging to print due to its low material strength and break easily during printing. Easy is different from other plant-based UV resin on the market because it is easier and quicker to print and has a superb resolution. Users can still enjoy excellent prints and be more environmentally friendly.

Introduction of Easy

We also want to clarify that Easy resin is still toxic to marine life, just like every resin designed for 405nm UV wavelength. This means users should not dump uncured Easy resin or alcohol used to clean Easy resin prints just like they would not with any other resins. Eco-friendly is a broadly defined term, and it does not mean non-toxic, and we like to clarify that. We also urged users to ask any brand of resin that is using eco-friendly and non-toxic in their product description to disclose what they meant.

Introduction of Easy

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