Simple, a true water soluble, water washable resin

Simple, the real water-soluble water-washable resin

Unlike other water-washable, Simple is water soluble which make it easier to clean. You can see difference right the way when you pour Simple into water. Simple resin disperse in the water and begin to dissolve while other water-washable sinks to the bottom and cluster together.


We left the Simple resin, and common water-washable resin sitting in the water overnight and got this:

Simple, a true water soluble, water washable resinSimple, a true water soluble, water washable resin


The water clears about, and Simple resin has only a small amount of residue left, mostly from color pigments. On the other hand, other water washables is still mostly intact in a thick, almost fatty-like later, and the bottom

Here is a closer shot:
Simple, a true water soluble, water washable resinSimple, a true water soluble, water washable resin

What are the advantages of water-soluble?

  • Easy to clean.
    Simple is the easiest resin to clean, and you can do so without running water. Not only does this reduce water waste, but it also reduces the chance of water accidentally getting into the sewage system. And for large print, it is not sensible to clean with running water, as it generates a large amount of wastewater. You can clean Simple print in under 60 seconds.

  • Wastewater is easier to handle.
    Because the uncured resin is dissolved and neutralized by water, you can evaporate the wastewater with very few by-products.
  • Lower toxicity than other resins.
    All 405nm UV resin is toxic and can cause skin sensitivities. Thanks to its water solution raw material, Simple resin is the least toxic resin in our lineup and compared to other water washables.

Other Simple advantages

  • Very easy to print due to its very low viscosity (<100cps)
  • Much less sensitive to temperature change than even Fast. This mean you could potentially print at places when the temperature fluctuation is wider that could drop into the teens
  • Very Affordable

Best practice for Simple resin

  • Print around 20-25C
  • Clean with 10% alcohol in just 60 seconds. You can create 10% alcohol by mixing 1 part of 90% alcohol and 5 part of water.
  • Dry the model immediately after cleaning with a hairdryer
  • Post curing only for 60 seconds. Also, there is no post-cure method

And you will get amazing results with quicker and easier workflow with Simple resin.

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