Printing Production Dates on Product Bottles: A Commitment to Feedback

Siraya Tech values your feedback. That's why we've begun adding batch numbers (also indicating production dates) to our resin bottles.

This is our way of providing better customer feedback and oversight. Siraya Tech hopes to continue this journey side by side with you!

Production date display:

The picture below is the display of printing the production date on the bottle starting in July 2023. It consists of the production date and the letter "E" to form an entire production batch number. At that time, we have not printed the shelf life.

But due to a misunderstanding caused by our batch number "E", we have changed the display to a new one in November. Please see the next picture.

3d UV printing resin / Photosensitive resin

(Pic by Siraya Tech resin users)


The photo below comes from Siraya Tech feedback, which is our new display.

The abbreviation "P" of production date + production date
The abbreviation "E" of Expiration date + shelf life date

And in today's consumer market, transparency is key. One small yet significant step businesses take to ensure this is by printing the production date on product bottles. This isn't merely a nod to compliance but a deliberate move.

Freshness at a Glance:

The production date isn’t just numbers on a bottle; it's a promise. It reassures the consumer of the product's freshness, letting them know that what they're consuming is recent and within its prime. 

Feedback Made Easy:

Beyond just indicating freshness, the printed date doubles as a batch number, streamlining the customer feedback process. Should a consumer have any concerns or feedback, this batch-specific detail allows for swift traceability and response.

So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.