The Perfect Duo: Siraya Tech’s
In the fast-evolving realm of 3D printing, two key elements dictate the success of your prints: the quality of the resin and the precision of your printer. Siraya Tech, your trusted resin manufacturer, is here to present our Sculpt High Temperature Resin in tandem with the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 for a match made in 3D printing heaven.

Sculpt High-Temperature Resin - Reshaping Limits

When it comes to 3D printing, choosing the right resin can make all the difference. Siraya Tech’s Sculpt High Temperature Resin is not just any resin; it is meticulously crafted for those demanding applications where conventional resins fall short.
Siraya Tech Sculpt
  • High Temperature Resistance: Boasting an impressive temperature resistance of 160°C, Sculpt is uniquely positioned for high-temperature production processes. Whether you’re delving into prototype parts printing or exploring the realms of vulcanized rubber molding, this resin ensures your prints endure the heat without compromising quality.
  • Unbeatable Resolution & Surface Finish: Sculpt Resin transforms your 3D printing with stunning details and finishes, resulting in a smooth, dark grey appearance. Reduced post-processing time means you’re one step closer to your final product.
  • Versatility at its Best: Suited for both high-power DLP printers and LCD resin printers, this resin is your versatile companion. With applications spanning from molds to vacuum forming, Sculpt is the jack of all trades in the world of resins.
  • Enhanced Properties with Mixing: Looking to improve the properties of another resin? Mix in some Sculpt. This not only amplifies the Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) but also bolsters resolution and hardness.
  • Consistency and Precision: Experience minimal shrinkage during curing, which translates to detailed prints that resonate with precision and quality.
Siraya Tech Sculpt
For those of you keen on diving deeper into the technical aspects or perhaps curious about the print settings, MSDS, and TDS, Siraya Tech has got you covered.

Anycubic Photon Mono M5 - Precision Reimagined

While a premium resin is half the equation, a stellar 3D printer is the other. Enter the Anycubic Photon Mono M5, the epitome of precision and efficiency.
The Perfect Duo: Siraya Tech’s
  • 12K Exquisite Details: The first to sport a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen, its impressive resolution of 11520*5120 captures details as fine as hair. With a contrast ratio of 480:1, expect your models to have clear, well-defined edges.
  • Anycubic App: A plethora of sliced models and STLs await, ensuring a streamlined 3D printing experience.
  • Photon Workshop 3.1: This upgraded slicer introduces users to an unparalleled slicing experience. From improved model repairing functions to the new support algorithm, it maximizes printing success rates and usability.
  • Professional Build: With a laser-engraved printing platform, the adhesion of models is impeccable, drastically reducing common printing issues like warping. Coupled with its dual linear rails for the Z-axis, the result is stable and detailed prints.
The Perfect Duo: Siraya Tech’s

In summary, pairing Siraya Tech's Sculpt High-Temperature Resin with the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 offers a seamless blend of precision, durability, and aesthetic beauty. Whether you're a professional in the industry or a hobbyist, this dynamic duo is set to elevate your 3D printing experience. Dive in and witness the magic unfold!
Resin and 3d printer intro

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Is the Poton m3 max can print with high temp resin? And is there an explanation to do the setrings for it? Becauae i am new to 3d printer resin and i am interested in you products.
Thank you.