About Siraya Tech

Who we are:

Siraya Tech develops and manufactures photopolymers for additivie manufacturing. It started as the material division of the Peopoly (Peopoly Inc Limited) team before becoming independent group in early 2018. (Peopoly still helps us distribute products including some of the orders from this website). We strive to bring high performance and high quality resins for enterprise users and makers alike. We are currently selling to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan and we plan to expand to more markets.


Mark Peng is the founder of Siraya Tech and Peopoly. Originally from Taiwan, Mark founded Peopoly in 2016 and successfully launched Moai, an affordable SLA printer, via Kickstarter in 2017. Even in the early days of Peopoly, Mark was asked about making the popular Peopoly Model resin available for other brands of printers. In early 2018, Mark decided to split out the material division of Peopoly, so it is free to develop photopolymers for all types of 3D printers, not just for Peopoly. This is the beginning of the Siraya Tech team.

We love to hear from you so feel free to drop us a note via contact us. We also have one of the most active and helpful user community so be sure to join.

The best way to contact us is to email us support@siraya.tech
You can also call us +1 3234128788
Twitter channel https://twitter.com/SirayaTech 
Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/sirayatech
Discord Community Siraya Tech - Official (discord.com)