Build user guide


Dry prints completely before curing! Use Hairdryer to speed up the process. Do not cure under sun with a wet print!

 Build is an affordable, easy to print and, non-brittle enginering resin ideal for prints that require high precision, no warping and tappable
It is an a good balance between hardness, resolution and a bit flexible to make it ideal for projects.

We recommend you print Build over 20 C

Before Printing
It is a good practice to stir resin in the vat and expose the bottom of the vat to air before printing. This replenish oxygen in the vat and helps reduce peel force.

Please download profiles base for Elegoo, Anycubic, Phrozen, Peopoly, EPAX, Creality here: Click here to download profile

Best print with recommended support setting, see below

Resin Temperture 25-35C
Room temperature 20-25C
Printer Layer Height Exposure (s) # of Initial Layers Exposure for Init Layers Exposure (s) # of Initial Layers Exposure for Init Layers Note
Photon 50um 12 (s) 4 60 s 12(s) 6 60 s
Peopoly Phenom 50um 13.5s 6 65 s 13.5s 6 65 s see below for detail settings
EPA X1 50um 9.5 (s) 4 50 s 9.5 (s) 4 50 s
EPA X1 100um 12 (s) 4 75 s 12 (s) 6 90 s
Shuffle 50um 7.5(s) 5 60 s
Shuffle XL 50um 11(s) 5 75 s
Phrozen Transform 50um 8(s) 5 60 s *see additional info below
D7 50um 8(s) 5 60 s
Inkspire 50um 11 (s) 6 75 s Inkspire does not specify its light output, one user told us it is very closely to Photon
Photon S 50um 9.5s 5 65s 9.5s 5 65s
Mars 50um 9.5 (s) 4 50 s 9.5 (s) 4 50 s
Mars Pro 50um 6.5s 4 40s 6.5s 4 40s
SL1 50um 6s 10 40 s 7s 10 45 s
Photon Mono Where to find printer profiles:
Photon Mono X Where to find printer profiles:
Mars 2 Pro Where to find printer profiles:
Mars 3 Where to find printer profiles:
Saturn Where to find printer profiles:
Sonic Mini 4K Where to find printer profiles:
Might 4K Where to find printer profiles:
Mega 8K Where to find printer profiles:
Peopoly Printers Where to find printer profiles:


Recommend best support settings:
We recommend medium preset support setting in chitubox for smaller prints. Heavy support for large prints on large priners
If you don't use chitubox, at least download a copy and see the detail settings for each preset and copy them over to your software of choice

Use a painter brush (or any brush made with hair) remove excess resins on the printed part with Use 95% concentrated Ethanol (preferred) or IPA to clean. Some form of methnol should work but make sure it does not contain acetone.
After 2-3 minutes of cleaning action, remove alcohol with a hair dryer or air blower. For complex part with lots cavities, it may be a good idea to clean/dry multiple times.
User can check by touching the dryed surface of the part to see if it is still sticky. If the dryed surface is still sticky, wash some more and dry again.

Post Curing:
Build reached its optimal strength when the printed part is post-cured with UV after cleaned. Use 395-405nm UV light and cure for about 1-2 minutes.
Make sure resin is completely cleaned off and there is not alcohol left (it needs to be dry) on the print before curing.
It is important to dry the print made by Build completely before post curing. There is no need to use the "submerge in water" technique.

Mechanical Properties
​Shore D 85
Tensile Strength 50 Mpa
Young’s Modulus 1050Mpa
Elongation At Break: 8%
Viscosity: 140 CPS
Heat Deflection Temperature: 74C