Fast ABS-Like resin
Fast ABS-Like resin
Fast ABS-Like resin
Fast ABS-Like resin

Fast ABS-Like resin

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Make sure read the Fast user guide before printing

Looking for an affordable resin that is fast to print, fast to clean/cure and not brittle? Then look no further than Fast resin by Siraya Tech. This resin is ideal for printing beautiful designs like miniatures and props.

  • Fast Printing
  • Not brittle like many low-cost resins.
  • Wide compatibility with LCD and DLP printers
  • Great resolution and color
  • Easy to clean and cure
  • Not smelly ♥

Fast is developed by the Siraya Tech team that brought you the strong and precise Blu or the tough and elastic Tenacious engineering. We created Fast to be the all-around resin that people can use everyday project. Not only it is fast and easy to use but it is strong enough to take that accidental fall from time to time. We always love to hear from our users so feel free to leave a question here or reach out on our website.

Fast comes at a total weight of 1kg

* The model in the product picture was obtained via Hex3D Patreon printing community:

Easy to Print and Clean
It is ideal for beginners who are learning and professionals who need a reliable resin that works consistently on small and large printers.

Amazing color selection
Amazing color selections with beautiful details. There are also matte options that make it easier to see and photograph. Find the right color for your project!

Great resolution and non-brittle
What makes Fast unique is that it can produce great details while being non-brittle compared to common model resins. This combination makes it popular among professionals who need both qualities.

Compatible with many printers
Fast has widely used on most brands and makes of LCD and DLP printers due to how easy reliable and affordable it is.

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