Siraya Tech Fibreheart PAHT-CF filament

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Fibreheart PAHT-CF 3D Printer Filament is crafted with PPA (Polyphthalamide) Nylon, a high-performance engineering thermoplastic, and fortified with carbon fiber, this filament is engineered to excel in high-stress applications, offering superior toughness, chemical resistance, and thermal stability.

Smart Fiber Reinforcement:
Evenly disperses 15% carbon fibers for enhanced strength, heat resistance, and reduced warping for consistently high-quality prints.

Extreme Environment Durability:
Its exceptional thermal resistance ensures the filament maintains nylon's toughness and abrasion resistance even in high-temperature environments.

Superior Printability:
Low hygroscopicity ensures better printability and dimensional stability compared to PA6 Nylon.

Precision for Demanding Applications:
Carbon fiber technology creates a strong mesh skeleton structure, and its precision ensures accuracy in every part. It is ideal for automotive and industrial parts requiring high thermal and mechanical resilience.

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