Siraya Tech Resin print settings on EMAKE3D Galaxy 1 printer

Siraya Tech Fast ABS-like Grey resin print setting on EMAKE3D Galaxy 1

Ambient Temp Power
Bottom Layer
Layer Count
Z Axis
30C 55% 3 3 4 Every 10mm


Layer Count
Layer Count
 Z Axis
Z Axis
Z Axis
100 Layers
26 12 Off 0 0um 6400P Off


Check out Setting sheet PDF of EMAKE3D Galaxy 1

Siraya Tech's Fast ABS-Like resin offers a significant advantage for the EMAKE3D Galaxy 1 printer users.

  • It requires less scanning than other resins, resulting in faster print times and extended laser life.
  • Its low viscosity coupled with high durability makes it perfect for large-scale prints.

This resin has already gained popularity among users of major large format resin printers such as the Phrozen Transform, Phrozen Mega, Peopoly Phenom Forge, XXL and L, as well as the Elegoo Jupiter and Anycubic M3 Max.

To see if there are any deals available for Fast resin in your area, check out this link: Fast ABS-like Resin

Siraya Tech's ABS-like Fast Grey boasts an ultra-low viscosity (110 CPS) compared to the same type of ABS-like resins. This feature enables it to effortlessly manage large-scale printers, lowering the pulling force and enhancing the print success rate.

For more printer print settings, please click here to find and download the print settings file.

EMAKE3D Galaxy 1: Large-Scale SLA 3D Printer Overview

  • Extended Lifespan: With a redesigned laser module, the printer promises an impressive 20,000-hour lifespan. The high-intensity laser ensures top-notch printing quality throughout its service life.
  • Permanent Leveling: Say goodbye to the hassles of frequent equipment leveling. The Galaxy 1 comes with a permanent leveling feature, freeing users from tedious and time-consuming adjustments.
  • Auto Resin Feeding: The Galaxy 1 is equipped with a smart auto resin feeding system. This ensures the printer always has enough resin, mitigating the risk of print failures due to low resin levels.
  • 7” Touchscreen Interface: The LCD touchscreen is large and intuitive. It offers easy control, putting all essential 3D printing tasks right at the user's fingertips.
  • Ultra-Stable Design: Stability is paramount in 3D printing, and the Galaxy 1 nails it with an all-metal design paired with an integrated rack. This ensures smooth operations, exceptional accuracy, and unmatched durability.



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