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  • Blu is a tough engineering resin that has excellent mechanical properties.
  • High hardness and robustness make it suitable for various parts and tool making.
  • It is also bio-compatible as certified under ISO 10993-10.


  • Engineering Prototypes
  • Mechanical Aids
  • Fixtures and Jigs
  • Medical Devices

Reach and ROSH Certification: Click here to view

Biocompatible for external skin-safe application under ISO 10993-10 standard, check here to view


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Siraya Tech Tough Resin - Blu

If you want a resin with an excellent balance of hardness and toughness, Tough Blu is your best choice!

Siraya Tech

Regular Blu Tough Properties

Shore Hardness 85D
Tensile Stress at Break 50 MPa 
IZOD Impact 45 Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 70℃
Elongation at Break 32%
Young's Modulus 1800 MPa

Blu Nylon Properties

Shore Hardness 80D
Tensile Stress at Break 60 MPa
IZOD Impact 53 Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 63℃
Elongation at Break(%) 40%
Young's Modulus 2000 MPa

Blu Nylon Mecha Properties

Wear-resistant resin, will not generate powder due to friction, very suitable for gears, joint parts

Shore Hardness 73D
Tensile Stress at Brea 58 MPa
IZOD Impact 50 Notched, J/m
HDT at 0.455 MPa 65℃
Elongation at Break 37%
Young's Modulus 1900 MPa

Blu Easy Grey

Shore Hardness (D) 75D
Tensile Stress at Break (MPa) 31
IZOD Impact (Notched, J/m) 42
HDT at 0.455 MPa (°C) 62
Elongation at Break (%) 43
Young's Modulus (MPa) 1000

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Why choose Blu Tough resin

It balances between strength and hardness and is ideal for making functional parts that are strong yet with some flexibility.

Excellent mechanical properties

Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle, Blu has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily.

Excellent impact resistance

Strong enough to withstand the impact of an accidental drop.


It can be tapped without cracking and is dimensionally stable, suitable for the production of various types of engineering parts.

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

What are the differences between the different colors of Siraya Tech Tough resin - Blu?

Blu Emerald Blue/Clear V2/ Obsidian Black

They have the same mechanical properties, the biggest difference between the three is the color.

These three colors are the regular versions of Blu Tough resin.

Blu Nylon Black

Nylon Black is 25% tougher than regular Blu. The colors of Nylon Black and Onsidian Black are roughly the same.

Blu Nylon Mecha

Blu Mecha adds a new composite material that helps the resin reduce powder generated by friction, making the surface smooth and wear-resistant.

Blu Easy Grey

This is the latest version of Tough resin - Blu. Blu Easy reduces the original printing difficulty and optimizes details, making it more suitable for desktop-level and miniature printing. Blu Easy gives the prints a certain degree of impact resistance.

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech | 3D Printing UV Resin | Platinum Silicone | NFEP Film

Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle to handle even the slightest drop, Blu has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily.

  • High Toughness
  • Excellent resolution
  • Strong and Precise High Resolution
  • Precise Prints and No smelly
  • Balances between strength and hardness
  • Balance between sturdiness and flexibility
  • ISO 19903-10 Biocompatibility certification

High Toughness

Balances between strength and hardness can withstand bending, flexing, and compression. Its high toughness can fully ensure that the prints are not easily broken during repeated bending and stretching.

ISO biocompatibility certification

Blu has passed the ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certifications for skin contact, which means it does not cause irritation, inflammation, or sensitization when in contact with human skin externally.

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Widely Used Blu Engineering Resin

Blu tough resin is not only suitable for some small functional parts that needed good strength without being brittle, like tools, screws, brackets, bases, etc, but also can print pretty 3d models. And is compatible with most LCP and DLP 3D printers and is 8K/12k compatible.

Before and After Sun

How to make your Blu print blue?
--A little sunshine (30 minutes) is all your need.

The model is a beautiful cyan blue before the sun, and it will turn blue after the sun.

Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech
Siraya Tech

Blu Test Video from Zack Freedman


Stefan at CNC Kitchen's tests on Blu


Blu Emerald Blue Test from Integza


Blu Nylon Mecha Display


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